Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner

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Water conditioner is a water filtration system that improves the quality of water in homes. This filtration system prevents fixtures and pipes from water crystals that can block the pipes and create odors in water. This prevention is achieved just by changing the composition of water. The one thing we should know is that this system is not designed to remove types of minerals that make water hard. Rather, this just stops water crystals from spreading around the pipes and fixtures.

Water Conditioner can be the best option for homes because of its low running costs, low maintenance requirements and overall ability to improve quality of drinking water.

Here, we are going to know about a few types of water conditioners: Carbon filtration water conditioners:

            This filtration makes drinking water more pleasant for cooking and drinking by removing odors and foul tastes. This is done by carbon activated is the system. This activated carbon absorbs many chemicals from water and as a result, water quality is improved. These types of water filters are particularly designed to remove organic compounds such as chlorine and sulfur dissolved in water.

Electromagnetic water conditioners: 

These water systems purify water by eliminating various types of chemicals. These systems require either magnets placed on tubes or wires wrapped around the pipes to generate molecular agitation in water. In the result of agitation, particles of carbonate salts break and blend in the water, thus reducing magnesium and calcium concentration in water and improving water quality.

One drawback of these filtration systems is that only a small volume of water can be purified at a time which requires consumption in limited duration. Other drawback of these systems is they do not soften the water in real sense, they just reduce scaling.

Catalytic media water conditioners: 

These water conditioners are also referred to as salt-free water filtration. These filters use the template-assisted crystallization (TAC) technique to reduce the hardness of mineral crystals in water so that the surfaces of pipes etc. can be prevented from adhering to mineral crystals.  Though these systems are considered as an excellent option for well water, in actual they do not reduce the real hardness of the water.

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